Dear Bride & Groom [The Day After Session]

Today’s post is going to discuss my thoughts on the Day After Session and address some FAQs.

1. What is the Day After Session:
First of all, through out this post I will refer to the Day After Session as DAS. The DAS is not necessarily done the day after your wedding as it implies. It could be after the honeymoon, a month after your wedding, or even before the wedding. When is totally up to you. The point of a DAS is to spend an hour or so capturing photos of the two of you dressed in your tux and suit and wandering around places of your choice capturing timeless but casual images of the two of you together. There is no one else around and no time lines to stick to. It allows for total freedom. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a Trash the Dress Session (but it can be if you want it to be). We can wander streets, go to a nearby vineyard, the beach, some of your favorite hangouts…the creative freedom is there to pretty much do anything. So if your looking for creative and fun photos this session is most likely for you!

2. Do I have to get my hair redone?
No – its totally great to come with “hair let down” so to speak. If you want to come in your dress but be total casual with the hair and makeup, that is totally okay. But that is up to you. You can totally have your hair and makeup redone if that is what you want.

3. When does a Day After Session Occur?
The day after, a week after, two weeks after, a month after…it is totally up to you!

4. Do you recommend the a Day After Session?
Yes – totally! Especially if your not doing a first look (I will discuss this one next week). The DAS will allow for some casual photos of the two of you all dressed up and with no one else around. The session will be done at a location of your choice. It is guaranteed to be a session that you will never forget.

5. Why do a DAS? Aren’t the wedding photos enough?
Again, that is something for you to decide. Remember if your not doing a first look you are most likely on a strict time line for your wedding. That includes the photos of just the two of you. You want to go enjoy the reception with your friends and family. The DAS gives you an extra opportunity to be yourself but have some fun photos of the two of you.

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