1st Colorado Self Shoot!

We moved into our house in mid November, and with all the boxes I was wondering if we would get to do Christmas cards this year. Finally about 1 week prior to Christmas we got it done! (yeah a little late sharing this, huh) This is a tradition with my husband and I. We do self portraits for our Christmas card. Its great because it gives us great photos every year that we can put up in our home. I wasn’t quite sure what to do this year. I knew I wanted different…unique…something using furniture outside! I bought these leather chairs recently and got the idea of putting them in a field. I was going tp scour all over the area for the perfect field, but my husband says “what about the one right as your leave the neighborhood”. I took a look….and thought “that will work”. So in 30 degree weather we put the chair in the car and drove the 1/4 mile to the field. I have to say I think this years Christmas card was the best so far! Here’s a few shots we got of ourselves.







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