Attention Previous Clients! {Discounts Galore}

Attention Past Clients this one if for you!!!!

When I send you your print orders you get cards for $25 in referral credit for your next session! If you refer someone to me and they have a session with me , then you get $25 in print credit. How do I know? Well, either the client tells me directly or I simply ask “did you get referred to me”.

If you refer 2 friends and they have sessions with me, then you get $50. I credit these referrals for your NEXT session with me. Note: If the referral took place during my baby model promotions and they got a complimentary session, then they just need to submit their print orders before you get the full credit. You can always check with me and I will let you know where you stand on your referral credits.

A new dicsount that I am going to implement as of Nov 1, is a 10% discount on your session fee when you book in the future.

So if you refer 2 friends and they book a session, you will get 10% off your session fee and $5o in print credit! Whoa! So don’t forget to refer your friends and family. And don’t forget we do Families, High School Seniors, Children, Babies, and Couples.

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