Copyright Laws and Photography

It has come to my attention this week that a client of mine has stolen images that I took from either my facebook account or my blog. Then cropped my watermark out of the images and printed them without buying a release from me.

This is illegal and wrong! My blog is right click protected for a reason. Taking images without getting the okay from me is very dishonest.

The copyright law says that I as a photographer own the rights to those photos when I push the shutter on my camera. That means I own the rights to reproduce this work. Unless I have given you some sort of written consent, you must buy printing rights from me in order to reproduce these images on your own. At that point I will then provide the high resolution files to you. It is very similar to buying (or should I say the lack of buying) music and the old napster. If you take images from this blog or facebook it is considered stealing! Simple as that.

Photographers take a lot of time to produce your images. A shoot takes 1-2 hours and editing takes another 3 or so and that doesn’t count the time for email traffic, phone calls, etc..

Further more the images being posted on FB and this blog are in web form. They are not high quality enough for printing.

I am not writing this to sound harsh and cruel but to inform my clients of how the law works. Taking images without talking to me is very dishonest, disrespectful, and illegal.

I am very hurt over this situation. Unfortunately I may have to make some changes in the way I post and watermark my images.

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