Summit County Photoshoot Locations

This post serves the purpose of letting my clients see what their location can look like. Please review these locations and let me know which one you prefer for your session.

1. Top of Hoosier Pass
This is a really nice spot…but remember the altitude is over 11,000 feet. As we all know the weather can be a little finicky at those elevations. So come prepared for cooler weather.

2. Sapphire Point
This is gorgeous location with mountain views. It is located on Swan Mountain Road. This location can get rather busy especially on summer weekends.

3. A view point in Breckenridge
This is one of my favorite locations as it is not crowded. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the town. There are lots of trees, hiking paths, and even some mountain views.

4. Trees and a dirt road
This area does not give you your traditional mountain views, but if you love pine trees this may be a good option for you.

5. The mountains up close (this also has some great trees and potential of leaves changing)
This location is a trailhead which can get pretty busy, but in the evening is not to bad. There are lots of trees and nice mountain views. The mountains are pretty close here too. This location is in Frisco.

6. Dillon Lake
Do you want water views? Then a spot along dillon lake may be for you.

8. The Frisco Adventure center
This location can give you views of the mountains, pine trees, and in the fall some leaves changing.

9. View off of Swan Mountain Road
This is great spot, but there are not a lot of trees. So if trees are what you are looking for then this isn’t the best spot.

10. Trails in warriors mark and Peak 9. This location is best if you walk around some, so I would suggest this as a location for a longer session. This location is also best in Summer and Fall.

I will be adding more to this list as I scout out locations and find places I like.

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