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Summit County Photoshoot Locations

This post serves the purpose of letting my clients see what their location can look like. Please review these locations and let me know which one you prefer for your session.

1. Top of Hoosier Pass
This is a really nice spot…but remember the altitude is over 11,000 feet. As we all know the weather can be a little finicky at those elevations. So come prepared for cooler weather.

2. Sapphire Point
This is gorgeous location with mountain views. It is located on Swan Mountain Road. This location can get rather busy especially on summer weekends.

3. A view point in Breckenridge
This is one of my favorite locations as it is not crowded. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the town. There are lots of trees, hiking paths, and even some mountain views.

4. Trees and a dirt road
This area does not give you your traditional mountain views, but if you love pine trees this may be a good option for you.

5. The mountains up close (this also has some great trees and potential of leaves changing)
This location is a trailhead which can get pretty busy, but in the evening is not to bad. There are lots of trees and nice mountain views. The mountains are pretty close here too. This location is in Frisco.

6. Dillon Lake
Do you want water views? Then a spot along dillon lake may be for you.

8. The Frisco Adventure center
This location can give you views of the mountains, pine trees, and in the fall some leaves changing.

9. View off of Swan Mountain Road
This is great spot, but there are not a lot of trees. So if trees are what you are looking for then this isn’t the best spot.

10. Trails in warriors mark and Peak 9. This location is best if you walk around some, so I would suggest this as a location for a longer session. This location is also best in Summer and Fall.

I will be adding more to this list as I scout out locations and find places I like.

Hoosier Pass Portraits

The other night I took my kids up to the top of Hoosier pass for some updated pictures and to see how I liked this location. Its nice having built in models to help me location scout. Sometimes they fight me on it, but usually bribery pulls them through!

Family Session + Cake Smash {Breckenridge CO}

As some people may know I am a runner. One day I was out for a run and found this beautiful location that is away from the hustle and bustle of the main areas of Breckenridge. Gosh its gorgeous with all the trees, the wildflowers and mountain views! As soon as I saw it I thought gosh this would be a great location for a photo shoot. On to some sneak peeks from this session….

This little guy just turned one so we had to incorporate some cake into their session.

Summer things to do in Summit County

Are you taking a day trip up to Summit County? Or maybe this is your vacation spot this summer. I thought I would take a few minutes to list out some of my favorite things to do in the summer in Summit County. A lot of this is family friendly as we have two kids of our own. This list is certainly not all inclusive but some of our favorite things.

1. Blue Lakes: take a trip up to blue lakes and get some spectalur lake views without a huge hike. If you are at the lower lake, then you will see a waterfall across the lake. Yes, you can hike to this waterfall and it is a pretty easy hike. Its about a mile roundtrip. If you go up to the upper lake and want a bigger hike, then you can go into Monte Cristo Gulch. This hike is gorgeous.

2. McCullough Gulch: this hike is very nice as well. There is a waterfall that is about 3 miles roundtrip. You can continue on a lake as well.

3. Troll: Go meet Isak Heartstone. I recommend going early to try and beat the crowds. If you go over to the ice rink you can find the trail in the southeast corner of the parking lot. This is an easy walk to get to the troll. I consider this more or a walk then a hike.

4. Sapphire Point: Looking for some views of frisco, dillon and the lake. This is a great location! You will find Sapphire Point at the top of Swan Mountin Road?

5. Herman Gulch: This hike isn’t the most scenic but it is a nice little hike. I believe the loop is about 4 miles. At the beginning of the hike you will find the remnants of an old dredge boat.

6. Fairy Forest: If you have little kids you must visit the fairy Forest. You will find the fairy forest up off of the 4 O’clock Trail. Depending how you stat and end your hike, you can visit sawmill reservoir either before or after the fairy forest.

7.Rainbow Lake: This is another easy hike with kids. This hike is located in Frisco and is about 2 miles round trip. If you go in the fall (September) then the leaves are just gorgeous.

8. Mohawk Lakes:this trail is more difficult then the others I have mentioned as it is about 8 miles roundtrip and about a 2000 foot elevation gain. But if you are looking for something more challenging then this would be a good choice.

9. Sally Barber Mine: This is a good family hike. No big views but some old mine remnants.

1. Highline Railroad Park:Do your kids like trains? If so go check out this playground. It is centered around trains and there are a few trains on display as well. You can combine a trip to this playground with a visit to see the Troll.

2. River Playground: This park is located in a neighborhood of off airport blvd. It is new and is a wonderful park if your kids like to climb. I wouldn’t recommend it for the younger crowd.

3. Lake Dillon Marina Playground: Head toward the dillon ampitheatre and you will find this awesome park right on the lake. We love this park case of the amazing views. If you go here right now then you can see the playhouses that have been created for auction.

4. Rainbow Park: This park is located in Silverthorne. These is a bigger park for the older kids, a smaller playground for the younger kids a skatepark, basektball courts and sand volleyball courts.

5. Frisco Funtastic Playground: This playground is quite amazing. It is designed like a castle but it is located on an elementary school grounds. So this playground is best visited when school is not in session. The playground is located at Frisco Elementary School.

1. Broken Compass: This brewery is located in Breckenridge near Airport Road. Try the Coconut Porter as it is quite amazing.

2. Highside: this brewery is located in Frisco right on main street.

3. Outer Range: Another frisco Brewery that does a lot of IPAs and Belgian beers.

4. Angry James: This one is located in Silverthorne

5. Bakers Brewery. Also located in Silverthorne. Near the outlet mall

6. Pug Ryan: This one is in Dillon, near the lake.

Keystone Mountain:
There are loads of free activities for kids at Keystone. Make sure to check out their website for the list of Kidtopia activities. They have many different activities on various days of the week. You can take the lift/gondola up to the top of the mountain for wonderful views and lots of outdoor game. There is even a big sandbox at the top of the mountain.

Breckenridge Mountain:
Looking for a zipline or ropes course? Then check our epic discovery. Gosh this is so much fun for the kids. It is a lot cheaper if your kids are under 54″. The little kids epic discovery still includes a zipline and a ropes course, just ones designed for little kids. Our kids had so much fun doing this last year.

Bike Parks: Do your kids like to bike. Even if they are on a balance bike this is so much fun. Check out the local bike parks.

1. Breckenridge: Take Wellington Road and then make a right onto Bridge Street.

2. Frisco: this one is located at the Frisco Adventure Center.

Dillon Farmers Market: This farmers market is great and such a pretty location. Is it right along side of the lake. The farmers market is in the afternoon on Fridays.

Breckenridge Sunday Market: This market not only sells food but other goods as well. It starts in the morning on Sundays, so head on over to grab some food for breakfast.

Festivals: Make sure to check out the schedules festivals in Sumit County. There is so many between Copper, Keystone, Breckenridge, Frisco and Dillon. There are also free concerts, outdoor movies and campfire nights with smores.

I am an avid runner, I recommend the Breckridge Road Marathon. This is a 10k, half marathon and full marathon. It starts up on Boreas Pass and runs on the rec path. It is challenging and you probably won’t have your best time but it is fun. It is a smaller race, so don’t expect a huge crowd, I have to say I love the smaller races though. They even provide breakfast and coffee at the start.

I hope you have found this list helpful. Don’t forget to contact us if you would like some family photos while on your vacation.