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    We are a modern and contemporary photography studio based in Thornton, CO. However we serve most of the Northern Denver Metro area including Boulder.

    We specialize in kids and infant portraits. But we are also available for your wedding, family, and high school senior photography needs.

    We offer all custom photography sessions. Meaning we find out what you like/don't like, a special location that you would like to shoot at, and if you have any products in mind. This is not a box studio experience we are committed to personalizing all sessions to your wants and needs.

Big Day For Photographers

October 1st and I’m so excited.

One, the registration opened for WPPI and I have signed up for my very first WPPI convention in Vegas.

Two, the B School is finally starting and I signed up for that too. I am so looking forward to learning more from great photographers around the country and around the world. This is a very exciting time. If you haven’t checked out B school yet, you should!

Back From Vacation

If you remember a while back, I posted that my husband and I would be making the trek down the Grand Canyon. Well it has come and gone. We made it down and survived to tell about it. Here is one photo I shot on my way down.

Good Family Slideshow

I’m on a roll this week, trying to get things finished before our short vacation. Tonight I put together the slideshow from the Good Family Photoshoot. Click here to watch in full screen or just click play below.

Pedrogo-Loudon Slideshow

I finally got around to creating Kevin and Jackie’s slideshow from their wedding. Click here to see it in full screen or just watch below.

My Brother’s Wedding

A few weeks ago my brother got married. Now I have to admit I never thought my own brother would get married, ever. He’s just more of an individualistic type of guys. And I have to say, very unique. He’s a great guy…he gives a lot back to his community and is a total motorcycle aficionado. I think he got his first dirt bike at the age of 12. I probably owe a bit to my brother for my tom boyish style over the years, as I used to ride with him as I got older. In fact when he got a new bike, I got his old one. However, we are like opposite ends of the spectrum though when you compare the two of us. In May of this year, I was happy to learn that he had found his match. A wonderful woman named Amira, who is a nurse and a great mom. I am so happy for them, happy to have a sister-in-law, and I sincerely wish them the best. Congratulations Dustin and Amira!

The wedding took place on August 16, 2008 in my brothers backyard. It was like medieval meets motorcycle.

On to some wedding photos:

Amira has three kids. Here are two of them (her daughters) enjoying the evening dancing together. Too cute!