Photo Bags At Cost!

Clients this is for you!  How would you like a photo bag at cost?

I have decided to offer my past clients a photo bag at the same price it costs me to order them.

If you are interested, please contact me by email

There are diferent sizes available and therefore diferent costs. I have one that you can see in person if you would like.

Here are a few pictures of the types of bags available.

Option 1: Canvas Medium Bag

11.5″x9.5″x4″ $135

Option 2:

11.5″x9.5″x4″ $232

Option 3: Canvas Tote

16″x2″x4″  $165

Option 4: Black and White

14.75″x11.25″x6″ $294

Option 5: Black Denim 

14.75″x11.25″x6″ $273

Option 6: Messenger Bag

15.7″x11″x4″ $135

Option 7: Tote $60

Option 8:Brianna Bag

“11.5H x 9.5″L x 4” W $122

Option 9

11.5 “L x10″H x 4.25″W $175


Option 10 Medium Handbag $185

11.5″L x 9.5 “H x 4 “W

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