Dressing for Your Photoshoot

So you have decided to have pictures done with us, but you are probably wondering what do I wear!

My first answer is to stay away from matching clothing. If you are doing a family shoot, then don’t wear all white or all black shirts.

Instead, think about coordinating. Start with a color scheme that you really like. For instance, maybe you love a blue and brown color scheme. Mom could wear a blue sweater with a brown scraf and dad could have a brown shirt.

I have started a pintrest gallery to show you ideas of coordinating. You can see it right here.


Also think about accessories, like scarves, cute handbags, etc… And don’t forget about the shoes. Try and pick out shoes that you like. Maybe a pair of leather boots or a colorful pair of shoes. But try to avoid the nasty athletic shoes. I love pictures of feet. Cute shoes make this picture so much more interesting.

I really hope this helps you get over the dilemma of what should we wear.

A good example:

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