Morning Photoshoots in Breckenridge

Here are some sneak peeks of what the lighting is like in Breckenridge for winter morning photoshoots. The first location is the well know Sapphire Point. There is some nice light here but the mountains are very bright.

This next location is at the Sawmill Museum on Boreas Pass Road.

Here is my third location in Breckenridge. This location the mountains are to the north so you can get some better mountain views in the morning. You can also get some forest shots as there is a trailhead here.

All of these photos were taken around 9-9:30am in order to give you a good idea of what your pictures will look like in the morning versus afternoon/evening. It is also important to note that mornings are much colder so if you choose a morning shoot please make sure you are prepared for the weather. My daughter was very lucky the days we went out and her sweater was just fine.

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