Winter Locations

Are you planning a winter session in Breckenridge. Hopefully this helps you determine which type of location you would prefer. It pretty much comes down to mountain views or a more “woodsy” feel.

1. A great view point with fantastic mountain views. Lots of mountains and pine trees.

2. This location offers pine trees and mountain views. This is a quiet location and a favorite of mine.

3. Dirt road with lots of pine tress This is a nice location but again no mountain views. Just imagine this snow covered.

4. This location is a little bit outside of Breckenridge. It is located in Frisco. Mountain views! Again you’ll have to imagine this covered in snow.

5. Another quiet and fantastic location. There are some mountains (not shown in this picture), but not a lot. There are aspen trees and an old building.

6. This location is a really nice place but again no mountain views. Its more of a woody view.

7. One last location option offers great views of the ski resort.

8. Boreas Pass Road.

This is a road that is they close off in the winter. There is a parking lot and a short walk to this view. When I say short walk…it is probably 1/4 mile or so.

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