Toddler Girls Needed as Models for Studio Photography

Michele Schanker Photography has always taken a modern and contemporary take on studio photography. We are definitely not Target or Jcpenney. Now that our home studio is complete, we have decided to start offering stylized shoots for toddlers!

Right now we are offering this for toddlers and may expand to older kids in the near future. But we need your help! In order to start an advertising campaign I will need some toddler girls to be models.

So what is the scoop?
1. I need a few girls that will be able to fit into 12-18 month clothes.
2. The outfits will be provided by us along with headbands
3. The shoot probably wont take place for a month or so as the clothes I am ordering are handmade and will probably take about 4 weeks to get here.

– Do I need to bring anything specific?
Not really, Maybe a pair of shoes that are not tennis shoes
– Do I get anything in return?
I will pick out 5 of my favorite images and provide them to you on CD
– How many models will you take?
Not real sure, but thinking around 3 or so.
– How to I reserve a day and time with you?
email me at
– What will the outfits be like?
Think modern and contemporary. Ruffle pants are already ordered. They are not typical outfits that you would find in Gymboree, Children’s place, etc…

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