Dear Bride and Groom [The E-Session]

This is my first post of many that I plan to post to my blog, in which I will label and call the Dear Client posts. They are meant to inform all booked and potential clients about their upcoming wedding photography experience.

Today I want to discuss the Engagement Session.

Some people may think, why do I need an E-Session? Do I really want one? The E-Session is really such a great tool. The time you spend with your photographer during your engagement session is totally priceless. It offers you an opportunity to get to know your photographer. Understand how they work and get to know their personality. It also allows your photographer to get to know you in the same way. The photographer can then tailor your wedding photography based on your personality. Therefore I totally recommend having an E-session prior to the wedding.

How should I come dressed? The way I shoot Engagement Sessions is in a casual fun way. I like to tailor them based on your personality. If there are places you like to hang out or things you like to do together, these could be great E-session locations. Maybe you love coffee…think about starting at a local coffee shop. Maybe you love specific sports teams…bring some jerseys along to have a few photos taken in them. Think based on what you like and where you like to go. In other words think out of the box. And don’t be afraid to make location suggestions.

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