Wall Displays

I am personally all about wall displays. If  you come over to our house for an ordering session, you will see that  I go large now in my own decoarting. I just printed and hung 3 canvases of our son in 24×24 and 20×30 sizes. I have to say I LOVE it!

Think about this, if you order an 8×10 and frame it on the wall, how small does it look? You would need an entire collage of 8x10s to fill up that wall. After time, that just starts to look really cluttered.

I’d personally rather see a client pick one large image than several small ones if you are going to be decorating the walls in your home.

Here is an example of a typical wall showing various print sizes.

I took some pictures from one of my model sessions the other week and made a mock up wall display. Now imagine this above your couch instead of that small 8×10 print.


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