Kid Friendly Hiking in Summit County

I see a lot of questions about “where can I hike with my kids?”. Well I have some answers!!!! We are local to summit county and hiking is a favorite thing we like to do in the summer. These hikes will range from 1 mile – 6 miles. I decided that I would start taking some short videos when I am out and about to show you what each hike is like. These will be some lesser known hikes and the more popular hikes. I will mostly be sticking to Breckenridge for now but will branch out to other areas of Summit County.

  1. Hoosier Pass. This location offers some great views and some great short hikes. There are two we’ve done up here. One was about 2.8 miles roundtrip but had some decent climb to it. The other took us out to a small lake. This hike was about 1.5 miles each way and not a lot of elevation gain. It had some great views and I could see this being accessible for younger kids as well. To get to this hike park in the Hoosier Pass Parking lot, head up the dirt road. When you get to the top head to the left. In a short distance you will see another dirt road with a gate on the right. Take this road and follow it until you get to the lake.
option 1: Hiking to the lake

2. Blue Lakes. This is a gorgeous area to explore. There are a few hiking trails and you may even see a mountain goat! Bring a sweatshirt or jacket as this is high elevation and it can be rather cool and sometimes windy.

Upper Lake
Lower Lake and Waterfall

3. Laurium Open Space/ Trailhead

I think this would be a cute area to explore with a toddler! There is a road/trail that I believe leads to more trails. Although I have not explored this area extensively. There are some old mining buildings, a creek, and pond. I think a toddler would have fun exploring this area. This area is located off of Boreas Pass Road. You will make a left turn onto county road 528. Continue up about a mile or so and you will see a small parking area and a sign for “Laurium Trailhead”. This is a lesser known area of Breckenridge and should be fairly quiet.

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