Summer In Breckenridge

Are you traveling to Breckenridge in the summer or fall months? Looking for things to do? Then check out this post!

Hiking In and Near Breckenridge

I have lots of great hikes to mention. I am going to focus on shorter hikes for this post (5 miles or less and in the Breck area). I will start a new post on hikes outside of Breck.

  1. Hoosier Pass: There are a couple of great hikes here. First a 2.8 mile loop with fantastic mountain views. Another direction will take you to a lake.
View from hiking Hoosier Pass

2. Blue Lakes: This is such a wonderful area. The views are amazing and you have the chance to see marmots and mountain goats!!!! The first lake is very pretty. If you hike along the south shoreline then you will get to a waterfall. This waterfall usually starts flowing pretty good in July. The hike to this small waterfall is short, only about a mile and mostly flat. Great with kids!

Next, you can drive to the upper lake. In order to see the upper lake you will need to walk up the road/path. Listen for the high pitched sounds of the marmots. I have seen mountain goats at the upper lake on several occasions. Look up high on the rocks. If you want to hike more here, walk across the dam. You will find a trail on the other side of the dam. This trail goes back into Monte Cristo Gulch.

Mountain Goat at Upper Blue Lake

On your way back down Blue Lakes Rd (just after the lower lake), look for a waterfall on your right.

Waterfall along Blue Lakes Rd

3. Sallie Barber Mine: This is a nice hike to an old mine. It is about 3 miles roundtrip. The hike itself is not the most exciting, but the mine is pretty cool to see.

4. Iowa Hill: This is a neat little hike if you are interested in mining history or seeing old mine equipment. It is uphill and probably about 1.5 miles or so.

5. Sawmill Reservoir: From Breckenridge, get to the snowflake lift and hike up the trail under the lift. This will lead you to the Sawmill Reservoir. Once at the lake, you can walk around the lake. This is a pretty short hike and good for kids. If you are looking for the fairy forest, it no longer exists as the town of Breckenridge decided to rehabilitate the trail.

6. Mohawk Lakes: I love this hike and its a bit more then the 5 miles I mentioned earlier. It is one of my favorites though! It is a more strenuous hike as you will be climbing more. On the way up you will first get to Mayflower lake. Which is pretty and has some nice views. Continue going up and you will get to some old mine remnants and continental waterfall. Keep going up even further and you get to lower Mohawk lake! Want even more of a hike…keep on going there are more lakes! We have backpacked to this location and it was amazing. If you are hiking with kids and don’t think they can make it to the lake, it can still be a nice hike to Mayflower Lake.

7. Aspen Alley: This is a wonderful hike when the leaves are changing in the fall. Be aware this is a mountain biking trail as well. But as the name suggests there are lots of Aspens and therefore lots of fall color in Sept! While you are here check out the Sawmill Museum. This is an outdoor area with sawmill equipment.

8. McCullough Gulch: This is another favorite of mine. If your kids are adventurous and willing to hike a bit they will love this waterfall. The first time I took my daughter she was about 3-4 years old. If you are just going to the waterfall it is about 2.5 miles roundtrip. Do you want more of a hike? Then continue on to the lakes.

9. Burro Trail and Warriors Mark Trail: These trails are in the trees, so not much of a Mountain View. But the river and a creek run through. When you are on the Burro Trail you can walk out onto the peak 9 ski runs.

Activities with Kids

1.Breck Creates Art Classes: If your kids like art, check out Breck Creates for toddler and older kids art.

2. River Park: This playground has a lot of climbing areas. It is made to be more “natural” with wood structures. There is also a bike park area and playground for smaller kids.

3. High Line Railroad Park: If your kids like trains they find this playground entertaining. The playground itself has a “train” to play on. Plus there are a few trains on display.

4. Stephen C West Ice Arena: If you need an indoor activity the ice rink is open year round.

5. Isak Heartstone (the troll): I didn’t list this under hikes, because its more of a short walk. You can not miss the Troll! The troll was created by an artist in Denmark. It is quite a sight to see.

6. Mountain Top: Mountain top used to have a children’s museum but they have not found a new home. However they are still offering stuff to the community. In the summer months they have a camp and you can register for just a day if you need someone to watch them for a day while you do a more strenuous hike, etc..

7. Epic Discovery: Breckenridge mountain has lots of activities on the mountain during the summer. This is even available for kids. There is a ropes course, trampoline, zipline, summer tubing, rock climbing wall, mini golf, etc.. You buy a day pass and have unlimited attractions. My tip is to get here early. If there is a thunderstorm nearby it will shut down the attractions for a period of time. These storms usually hit in the afternoon, so if you go early a storm would have minimal impact to you. There is a separate pass for older kids and adults. There is a bigger ropes course once you meet a certain height limit.

8. Wellington Bike Park: If you have bikes or rented a bike, check out the Wellington Bike Park. Even if your kids are just getting started on mountain biking, there is nice pump track.

9. Rent Bikes: Rent bikes in town! If you don’t want to mountain bike then hit up the Rec Path. You can bike to Frisco and further.

I have so much more to suggest that is outside of Breckenridge, and I will create a separate post for summit county and outside of Summit county.

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