London {October 2012}

My husband and I have been very fortunate to travel internationally A LOT before starting a family. We’ve been to something like 18 countries and 3 Continents!

We had our first baby this year. But I have to say he is pretty laid back and awesome! He travels well, sleeps great, and loves new people. So when my husband informed us that he would be travelling to England for work it didn’t even phase me as we shouldn’t go. So we boarded  a flight to London at the end of Septemeber with the baby in tow. I really don’t believe in my life completely changing because of a baby. He has entered our life not the other way around. I still run a lot, in fact I trained for a half marathon with him in the jogging stroller. I still do 6 mile hikes with him in a backpack. I jut believe in finding ways to compromise and make it all work.

We landed  in London at 11:30 am and spent the afternoon and evening in London. We had been there before and saw most of the sights in the past, so this was more of a phorography excursion. Here is some of what I captured that evening.

When I took this, it was hilarious how many other tourists were stopping to take pics of our son. LOL.

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